I would recommend Suresave. Stewart was very polite and well informed. He took the time to explain everything in detail complete with visuals . I felt very confident that he knew what he was doing and that he wanted to do an outstanding job. The installation went smoothly and the clean up was impeccable. Chris handled all the paperwork in a very courteous and efficient manner. Overall, it was an excellent experience.


Pat Burgess

April 4th, 2015

Having had a number of reno's done on our 30 year old home over the last few years, it turns out my choices in contractors have been shall we say hit and miss in spite of my best efforts. Suresave has been among the best choices we have made. Why? They know what they are doing, Chris in the office makes the process very easy and takes care of all paperwork including applicable rebates from MB Hydo.


Stuart the estimator is actually the person doing the work on your house and explains the work to be done (what a concept!), they show up on time, polite, show care and concern for your home while work is being completed, left a tidy work area and work is completed as promised for the price promised. The fact the Suresave's quote was best of the 3 quotes was a nice bonus. Old school professionalism! When I have my shop insulated, Suresave will be doing the work. Thank you Chris and Stuart!!


Chad & Angela

Apr. 15, 2016

December, 14,2013




To whom it May Concern,


This letter is to express our satisfaction with the Sure Save Insulation company.  On October, 25, 2010 we had this company, through the HYDRO plan for home insulation, to come in and do our home insulation.


We have saved an average of $100- $300 a year on our heating and air conditioning costs. The first 3 months of the heating season, November, December and January, we took note that the furnace did not come on as much .


We started checking our invoices and we found that our gas heating bill was definitely lower! In the past 2-3 years, we have found our home to be warmer.  We set our thermostat at 21 or 22 and just leave it there. In the "hot season", we

have found the same thing, the house stays cooler than in the past years before we had this done.


We should have done this sooner! We recommend Sure Save Insulation to all home owners who want to save money on their heating and air conditioning bills.


We found the owner] operator who personally comes in and works alongside his team , to be patient, considerate and willing to explain the procedure. we are very happy with the results!


Thank You



It was wonderful to deal with Sure Save insulation. We spoke to several companies about attic insulation and received very different advise from all. We chose Sure Save because they told us what we needed to do and what was unnecessary for our home. We could have gone with one of the other companies and spent a lot of money and not ended up with any better insulation. They cost was exactly as quoted and the Hydro refund was taken care of. It is hard to know when you are hiring a contractor if they are credible or not....Sure Save is absolutely credible! Thank you for the wonderful experience.


Rae-Ann and Gord S

March 30, 2016

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Homes that meet the criteria for the home insulation program receive a 50% increase to the rebate if it's electrically heated.


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