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Rebates and Coverage

New Rebates


There are now 2 rebate programs available to Mb. homeowners.  


Provincial is Efficiency MB

Home Insulation  Rebate

Federal is Canada Greener Homes Grant

Call for more information call 204-589-8543


We participate in:

Efficiency Manitoba Home Insulation Rebate (click here for more information)
Home Energy Efficiency Loan (HEEL)

You can use these programs separately or together to maximize your savings.

Home insulation program eligibility

You must be the owner of the house and have a MB hydro account number.  The house must be built before 1999.  The attic must have less than R30 – this means if the attic has not been insulated or topped up in the last 20 years, it may need more – this rebate is for the primary living area only.  Garages do not qualify even if they are attached to the house.  There must be a minimum of 100 sq feet to be insulated.  Rental properties also qualify.  The owner must be the one to apply for the rebate.  This program is not income based or taxable!


We have the application forms with us when we come to do your FREE ESTIMATE .  Over 43,000 Manitobans have received their rebate cheque so far.  We do all the paperwork – we do all the labour. You just need to contact us.

By Phone: 204.589.8543
By email:

When you don’t have the proper amount of insulation (18 inches – R50) you are using more energy than is necessary to heat or cool your house.   You get a lower monthly bill and a rebate cheque.  That’s a WIN WIN for you!

Just because you can afford to pay an extra $300 a year in lost energy doesn’t mean you should!

A 5-minute phone call and a 20-minute free estimate can have you saving money every month on your MB Hydro bill.  If you haven’t re-insulated in the last 20 years, you may need more.

For your convenience estimates are done Monday thru Friday from 6PM to 9PM.

Contact Us – Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

Phone: 204.589.8543